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Wrap-up As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Monetize Your Mobile

Our third in a series of seminars, As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Monetize Your Mobile, was again successful! Engaging the audience with powerful information and impressive speaker lineup that enriched the experience. We combined nearly 400 attendees in person, online and on phone via mobile apps. We would love your feedback for future seminars. Read more in-depth coverage:

The Next Major Technology Wave

Galen Williams Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

Hold on to your nano bits and bytes as we proceed to travel through the 5th wave of the techno evolution. Yes, I said 5th; let’s count them. According to Galen Williams, financial advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, spoke at our As Seen On Phone Mobile Tech Seminar on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, we have traversed through four waves of technology and now entering the fifth. The first appearance came with the Mainframe computer systems in the 60′s, and then came the Mini’s in the 70′s and the PC’s in the 80′s and the Internet in the 90′s. As I listened to this presentation I remember how involved I was in each phase of the evolution and now we can harness all of that power into our MOBILE PHONE. Are you ready for the evolution?

Successful Business Models

Bruce Montgomery Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

Bruce Montgomery, host of Technology Access Television, reminded the entrepreneurs and developers in the audience to look at the current business models and get them mobile ready. He gave us a great example of how business can boom by having an app that gave their customers easy access to the products and services they offer. One example was very clearly noted, Netflix. Here is a company that delivers movies to your mailbox, your laptop and/or your mobile device. Personally, I love the convenience of downloading movies to my iPad when I am traveling. So the question for you is: What type of application do you need to give your customers access to your business or anyone else’s for that matter?

Mobile Consulting

Antonio Wells Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

If you need help answering that question then you will want to meet with Antonio Wells, CEO of As Seen On Phone, Inc. Mr. Wells demonstrated the need for apps in a variety of business models while sharing with us industries currently taking advantage of the mobile technology wave. If you visit the website MusicTapp, you can see how music artists and entertainers are creating apps for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) to share music, videos, photos, and tour schedules with their fan base.

Funding Options: Commercial Lending & Venture Capital

Scott Harris Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

The “Monetize Your Mobile” seminar provided information and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs who are serious about creating businesses and services for the mobile app customer. There were two speakers on board that provided insight and connections to the financial needs of businesses looking to start up or expand into this arena. Scott Harris of Creative Capital Corp. gave a clear description of what it would take to have venture capitalist and angel investors get excited about your business. While Galen Williams provided 10 questions every Internet entrepreneur should ask and answer in relation to anticipating mobile technology. So it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or expanding, you need to have a Business Plan that depicts where you intend to go with your business.

Customer Focused Marketing

Reed Scott Alder Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

We’ve looked at the opportunity, the business models, ways to finance and our final phase of the Monetize Your Mobile Seminar focused on reaching and communicating to your customer. Reed Scott Adler from REEDnWRITE gave us an overview of how important it is to stay personable and responsive to your client base. When customers are deciding whether to buy your product or service, they are making a choice based on whether they “like you” or not. Mr. Adler, explained that pictures, graphics and story lines add credibility to your marketing efforts.

Mobile Media Relations

Amy Falk Speaking at Monetize Your Mobile Seminar

And to cap off the evening keynote speaker, Amy Falk, the owner of Falk Associates public relations firm gave clear examples of how mobile phones are used to create buzz and drama in the marketplace. Mrs. Falk gave examples in how mobile technology thrives in public relations and social media. She also demonstrated the importance of brand identity in over saturated market; how to get your mobile app discovered with online and traditional PR amongst hundreds of thousands of apps in an ever growth mobile marketplace. Lastly, the recent tweet by clothing designer Kenneth Cole which outraged many. The latter example demonstrated the need for a good PR firm even in the case of negative brand disaster recovery.

Join Us for the Next Mobile Tech Seminar

Join us Wednesday April 27, 2011 at IIT campus 3201 S. State St. from 3-7pm in-person, stream live online or on phone for our next seminar titled, As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Social Media. Afterward we will have one-on-one workshop.

Scan the barcode to save the Seminar to your phone’s calendar with one click using barcode scanner apps:

As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Social Media

As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Social Media

Photos from Seminar

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