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Wrap-up: As Seen On Phone Nano-Preneur & Holiday Mobile Apps Mobile Tech Seminar

On the return of our sophomore Mobile Tech Seminar themed “NANO-PRENEUR” & HOLIDAY APPS MOBILE TECH SEMINAR PRESENTED BY ASSEENONPHONE.COM was again a huge success! Our keynote speaker was Terry Howerton, founding Chairman of the Illinois Technology Association, preceded by other influential professionals in the mobile industry. To summarize the topics we learned about:

The Audience

Seminar Audience

Our target demographic; business owners, entrepreneurs and students whom have interest in mobile but many not know or have resources to achieve this. Exceeding 400 people attending the seminar; our intimate physical attendee audience was compounded with the global presence of 363 people with combined 93 surplus viewing hours! 8) If you missed being there or watching live, we have recorded segments online to watch.

Ustream Stats of Nano-Preneur and Holiday Mobile Apps Mobile Tech Seminar

Ustream Stats of Nano-Preneur and Holiday Mobile Apps Mobile Tech Seminar


Reed Scott Adler, owner of communications strategy execution firm REEDnWRITE, and Vincent E. Norment, Co-Founder of As Seen On Phone, Inc., spoke about how powerful and important brand management is with any business large or small. We tend to see some of the best examples with larger companies who have marketing budgets to throw at it, but it is also important for small companies as well.

Is Your App Worth $1 or $1 Million Dollars?

Phillip Leslie

Phillip Leslie

Phillip Leslie, CEO of ProOnGo, Inc., develops the ProOnGo app for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows that allows you to take a picture of your receipts and it creates an expense report cutting the time and clutter of expense reporting. Leslie spoke on his companies experimentation of various monetization models across various mobile platforms as there is no set in stone method. To make it plain and simple he walked us through difference scenarios of how to make $50,000 from your app, looking at the most popular tactics deployed:

Revenue Model Getting to $50,000
In-App Advertisement ~1,000,000 downloads
One-Time Purchase 71,429 purchases at $0.99/each
Subscription Service 8,333 subscribers at $0.99/mo in one year

Other Paths: In-App Purchases

His companies uses a combination of all three but prefers the less charted area of subscription services; whereas their value-add is in receipt storage and other premium features his corporate client base are willing to pay for. A few tips from experience he shared for other app developers and firms are:

  • Vet your idea and identify weaknesses and add more strengths to outweigh
  • IF vs WHO. Meaning it’s not a matter of IF your idea is copied but WHO copies it; does their key principles come from pedigree or are they backed with large funding budget, etc. So be prepared for competition.
  • The market is saturated (there is an app for everything… literately) how does yours stand out? Identify who is your competition, what are their weaknesses, how can you do better.
  • “I had that exact same idea” syndrome, get off the couch and do it, execution it what matters!
  • Experimentation on how do you make money (some of the points above should help with that).

Developing an App in 10 Mintues

Jeff Schwartz Speaking at IIT

Jeff Schwartz Speaking at IIT

Jeff Schwartz, founder and the Director of Mobile Technologies at NoNa, Inc., showed us how to make a native iPhone, Android and mobile web weather app with little coding in 10 minutes using jQTouch, a jQuery for mobile web development. The Pros of using development tools like jQTouch is the ease at which you can develop an app, the Cons are the limitations of the tools; not to be used for developing games or complex apps that require deeper use of the phones’ resources.

Schwartz did virtually no coding and copied and pasted HTML standard code which the engine translated into the code necessary for Android and iPhone. This type of technology opens the doors for hobbyist, students or Web Development professionals to make a transition to mobile web and mobile app development.

Educating Future Nano-preneurs & Entrepreneurs

Valerie Scarlata Speaking at IIT

Valerie Scarlata Speaking at IIT

Valerie Scarlata, Director of Graduate Student Affairs & Industry Associate Professor, gave us background on the Illinois Institute of Technology curriculum in regards to mobile technology. They also focus on empowering students into entrepreneurs via the Knapp Entrepreneurship Center, through coaching and giving access to alumni companies, angel/venture investors, entrepreneurs and innovators (ProOnGo being one of them). A great example Professor Scarlata showed was Tourist Eye, a travel and tourism application that enables users to create custom tours and go on tours created by others. With the consent of the class, one student used the concept as the foundation of a company that took off in 2009. The Tourist Eye application is currently available for the Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices.

Holiday Apps & Phone Buying Guide

Holiday Apps & Phone Guide Guide

Holiday Apps & Phone Guide Guide

We showcased our Holiday App & Phone Buying Guide! It has a cool interactive phone and tablet filter that helps you find the best Android device by carrier, price, or personal gift type (i.e. gamers, techies, business travelers, women, etc.). Head on over and check it out!

Mobile Disrupting Our Lives

Terry Howerton Speaking at IIT

Terry Howerton Speaking at IIT

Terry Howerton gave a great speech about how mobile disrupts our lives and how he would like to see it be used as an innovation to help solve society’s issues. With the exponential growth of mobile, it is growing at a pace more than 10 times the pace of web browser at it’s apex. Enjoy the below video of 2010 growth alone… Video courtesy of Mobile Future

Howerton knows the challenges of entrepreneurs, why starting his first business in 2nd grade selling pencils to classmates, through organizing the ITA with over 700 member companies (As Seen On Phone, Inc. is a proud member might I add). The ITA mentors hundreds of start-ups through large companies daily, to date 57 companies launched from the ITA.

Howerton led us through a small history lesson of mobile innovation in Chicago roots, such as the invention radio, first mobile phone and call place, the modem & cable modem, mapping technology and the review control. Currently the smartphone is new interface to everything else; transactions, communications, tools, etc. Looking forward he believes mobile is revolutionizing industries, economies, societies, and governments.

Join Us for the Next Mobile Tech Seminar

Join us February 16, 2011 at IIT campus 3201 S. State St. from 3-7pm in-person, stream live online or on phone for our next seminar titled, As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar: Monetize Your Mobile.

Scan the barcode to save the Seminar to your phone’s calendar with 1 click:

As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar Monetize Your Mobile

As Seen On Phone Presents Mobile Tech Seminar Monetize Your Mobile

In Conclusion

As Seen On Phone’s Nano-Preneur & Holiday Mobile Apps Mobile Tech Seminar converged lessons of branding, mobile app development, empowering students to entrepreneurs, best smartphones and apps to buy for holiday gifts, and how mobile is a growing revolution in our lives on every aspect; opportune for capitalizing.

Photos from the Seminar


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