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Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone has been officially been announced to be on the nation’s largest 3G network, Verizon, available February 10th of 2011. The 16 GB iPhone sells for will cost $199.99 and 32GB for $299.99 with 2 year contract with required data plan (same as AT&T). Verizon customers will be able to reserve online, however will open to all to purchase from VZW online and Apple online. The long awaited iconic smartphone will offer choice to consumers inferiated by AT&T’s network conjustion problems. Verizon said they have been testing for over a year and scaled customer service to handle the consumer bandwidth.

Please do note it will not launch with Verizon’s 4G LTE mobile broadband Internet yet take advantage of 3G coverage. There were concerns of the iPhone 4′s antenna issue and Verizon’s CEO responded, “It has to be optimized to work on CDMA. It’s going to do a great job of that.” Then there’s the tidbit of using data while on a call, something AT&T’s iPhone will be able to boast over Verizon… answer is, you cannot.

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