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The XFINITY TV App Controls Your DVR or Makes for a Great Remote

Video courtesy of Gigoam

Do you have Comcast’s Xfinity cable and an iPad? It might be worth checking out the XFINITY TV app which allows you to search On Demand and TV listings, change channels on your TV, schedule your DVR remotely and more.

With the Xfinity TV app, Comcast customers can:

  • Use an iPad as a new-style remote control so Comcast customers can search for shows by time or actors, filter content by genre (kids, sports, HD content) and quickly find shows in Comcast’s On Demand library.
  • Program and manage their DVRs so top TV shows or sporting events won’t be missed.
  • Watch TV from the app.
  • It is the only app offering premium channels, such as HBO and Showtime.

If you have Comcast cable and an iPad you can download from iTunes!

2 Responses to “The XFINITY TV App Controls Your DVR or Makes for a Great Remote”

  1. fettman24 says:

    Great app and is a big step in the right direction. Steaming live programming as well as recorded content over the iPad as well as managing and scheduling the DVR is great! I love how with the DISH Remote Access app with DISH Network allows you to do all of this from anywhere with an internet connection, only update I believe the Xfinity app needs. As an employee I really enjoy the DRA app offered on IOS and Android, I recommend to at least checking it out.


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