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Remembering Steve Jobs

We would like to send our condolences to Steve Jobs’ family, yet remember his legacy as a great innovator and a marketers’ marketer. Jobs recently resigned as CEO of Apple due to health issues and his fight with cancer took him home October 5th 2011, at the age of 56.

We often symbolize Jobs with the behemoth company that is Apple, maybe because he was the ultimate micro-manager. Maybe because his vision for perfection was ingrained in the company and products produced. Maybe because he paid attention to the nuances of philosophy in design and they should be entwined. Or maybe because he understood the buyers and users of Apple’s products. We remember how we changed the world a few times, we remember how he changed how we communicate and are entertained… And here’s a reflection back:

In 1977, Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple II computer. In 1984, Jobs introduced the first personal computer that was actually personal unlike the bulky machines the competition produced. The Macintosh was revolutionary with features like a mouse, graphical user interface, smaller design; even the TV commercial aired during the Super Bowl used hype to stir up the industry. However, the uphill battle of marketing the Mac computers amid Intel and Microsoft eventually led to Jobs being ousted from Apple later that year.

The young mogul mind quickly bounced back when starting NeXT in 1986, which produced advanced workstation computers with radical design, plus introduced the underlying programming language used in Mac OS today.The following year he acquired the graphic arts division of Lucasfilm, transforming it into Pixar.

By 1998, Apple Computers was nearly bankrupt and Jobs was asked to come back and run the company. The following year he introduced the iMac, the combination of the computer and the Internet, which started to turn the company around. A thing of note was Jobs presentation skills, deemed so iconic and whimsical that it earned a term, called Reality distortion field.

In 2001 the game-changer came with the iPod, then launching iTunes for Windows in 2003, revolutionizing how we are entertained and the music industry forever. Another radical yet successful idea came when Apple launched their own line of stores to sell their products directly; these too are iconic. Again, in 2007, introduced was another game-changer with the iPhone and brought forth new industries with Apps. Next in 2010, Jobs’ Apple revolutionized the simple device that other companies tried to get right for years, the iPad. Deemed the “Post-PC” device, created a market even without demand; execution has been so flawless that competition (Android, Blackberry & WebOS) are still struggling to get the formula right. You can say many things about Jobs’ tactics and Apple products, however, the formula is impeccable; the company has recently been deemed the “world’s most valuable company.”

In his legacy, we remember him for is passion for creating great new products the world has never seen. For challenging and changing old ways of thinking. For turning complexity into simplicity. For blending the harmony of the arts in design. Farewell Steve!


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