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RECAP: Midwest-Silicon Valley Mobile Tech Seminar

Antonio Wells SpeakingIf you came to & homepage Wednesday 10/27/10 you noticed it was taken over by a live video stream of our first of many Mobile Tech Seminars! We had six insightful speakers including myself which were layered in such a strategic way that it offered more interest, diversity and excitement with each person that came up. It was a huge success and we’ll summarize the coverage for those who missed it.

The Audience

Mobile Tech Seminar AudienceIn Chicago there are many great groups and meetups, however these are primarily tech-to-tech targeted groups. We wanted to approach a different target demographic; that being business owners, entrepreneurs and students whom have interest in mobile but many not know or have resources to achieve this. Nearly 400 people attended the seminar; our intimate physical attendee audience was compounded with the global presence of 315 people with combined 49 surplus viewing hours! 8)

Ustream Stats of Midwest-Silicon Valley Mobile Tech Seminar

Ustream Stats of Midwest-Silicon Valley Mobile Tech Seminar

Introducing As Seen On Phone, Inc.

We debuted our parent company, As Seen On Phone, which dissected the core strengths of focus:

  • Mobile
  • Training
  • Offers
  • Students

…more to come as we roll out the next iteration of ASOP!

How to Monetize Mobile

Mobile Tech Seminar Audience

We demonstrated practical examples of innovative offerings business owners can deploy into their existing strategies to take advantage of the “Mobile Boom”. For brick-and-mortar companies we looked at Telenav’s location-based mobile ad platform, AT&T’s focus on super local search & discovery of businesses, Sprint’s commitment to mobile broadband and how those initiatives help cut costs and increase communication & productivity. Below are a few more bullet points, read the full article for more in-depth value:

  • Location Based Advertising
  • Check-in Services
  • Augmented Reality
  • Barcodes
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Create Mobile App

Tips on How to Promote Your Mobile App

We’ve pluck a few of many creative tips and tricks what developers can do to promote their apps. Below are main bullets points, read the full article for more in-depth value how to promote mobile apps:

  • Create an Excellent App
  • Customer & Tech Support
  • App Review Websites
  • Online Media & Offline Media
  • Social Media
  • Create Videos
  • Advertise

MobileAppEx: Businesses & Developers Connect

MobileAppEx is a huge trade show coming to Chicago’s Navy Pier June 27-29th 2011. This amazing conference will connect businesses with every layer of the mobile infrastructure; industry’s leading mobile developers, carriers, suppliers, manufacturers and innovators together under one roof.

Chris Beavers SpeakingChris Beavers, North American Sales and Project Manager for MobileAppEx & Koelnmesse, gave us deeper explanation of MobileAppEx synopsis. One key metric he left us with was the cost saving of first time face to face potential customer.

Live Tradeshow Cost Savings for First Time Potential Customers

Live Tradeshow Cost Savings for First Time Potential Customers

Great news developers… As Seen On Phone will have a pavilion at the conference which will house 24 companies. Complete details will follow soon however it will be an amazing opportunity to be housed with the world’s leading brand for Android app reviews showcasing your products and services to an international audience. In addition, our booth packages will include:

  • Online advertising to millions of monthly viewers
  • A write up on our online properties with recommendation to Download your app
  • Company Name, Logo, Brief Description and Website Address included in all our marketing material including email blasts
  • And more!

If you are interested in early-bird pricing, contact us here.

Android & iPhone Developer Showcase

Uki Lucas SpeakingWe invited a few speakers to give us both Android and iPhone developer showcases. Representing Chicago Android was Uki Lucas, Lead Android Architect at Sears Holding Corporation, showing successful applications his Android-focused group built and deployed to Google’s Android Market including Yachts and Tall Ships.

Pek Pongpaet SpeakingRepresenting iOS was Pek Pongpaet, V.P. of Technology and Product for SpotOn Inc., who showed us the golden opportunities of selling apps in Apple’s AppStore. Key takeaway was the growth and standards Apple has raised in the mobile app ecosystem, thus empowering entrepreneurs with the tools of success in selling software at scale.

Dennis Grant and Brandon Williamson of Sole SearchUnscripted, we even showcased owners Dennis Grant and Brandon Williamson’s Sole Search, developers of unique mobile application that finds sneaker boutiques within a 500 mile radius… great app for the sneaker collectors or travelers that want to find these shoes or lounge at the boutiques to get a fast track on the social scene and nightlife of these respective cities.

Educating Youth Now for Success in Tech Fields

Debra Thompson SpeakingA core function of our company is education and training, we showcased this side of our ventures with GenTech, an educational institution housed on Illinois Institute of Technology college campus that teaches 3rd-12th grade students digital media: animation, video game & mobile app development. Debra E. Thompson, Executive Director of GenTech, gave us a hearty speech about the passion and advanced life learning lessons GenTech students receive when taking these courses. For example, the prerequisite for building video games often involve design skills, programming knowledge and complex mathematical concepts such as Calculus and 10 year olds are learning this! Ms. Thompson closed with demonstrations of the children’s portfolio.

Keynote Speaker: Patrick Houston

Patrick Houston SpeakingMr. Houston’s explains he is fortunate to experience his 3rd technological wave; the PC, Internet, and now Mobile, from a journalistic and Silicon Valley insider’s perspective. He described the birth of this current waves’ “nanopreneur“, a term he created to describe small entrepreneurs capable of capitalizing and growing businesses from the tools, education and services of this market.

Patrick Houston SpeakingOne of two examples he pointed out was Matt Marshall, Editor and CEO of, Matt came from a journalistic background and had the foresight that blogging would be huge and change the journalism industry. Of course in 2006 large newspapers didn’t have faith in this and he sought to start his own focusing on venture capitalism and startups. He since grew the brand to host numerous trade show events and even the New York Times called VB one of “best blogs on the Web,”.

Patrick Houston SpeakingThe second example of the nanoprenuer was Arnold Kim, Founder and Editorial Director, or When Kim’s company was valuated last year it was valued at $37 million. Mr. Houston boasted, “…no it’s not a billion dollar company, but $37 million isn’t a small number for a startup.”

Patrick pointed out how ideology and changes in infrastructure can influence consumer buying habits. For example, people are not willing to pay for content of a website, however, are willing to paying 99 cents for the contents of an app or essentially software. In summary, not only are large companies able to capitalize in this market; but small teams many of which are one-man armies can emerge and conquer in this new Mobile and Mobile Internet wave.


The audience feedback in general remarked, “It was a great seminar!” Next one in December, stay tuned for registration plus announcement of next keynote speaker and we hope we can personally meet you there, otherwise we’ll be streaming live plus we can chat it up over Twitter! ;)


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