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MusicTapp Promises A Better Way For Artists to Reach Music-Lovers

MusicTapp Mobile Music Apps

MusicTapp Mobile Music Apps

Remember when “getting discovered” meant pounding the pavement, servicing demo tapes to any record company that would open its front doors? Well, the game has changed and now up-and-coming musicians can get their music in the palms of fans, radio deejays and, most importantly, record executives quicker than you can say: MusicTapp. MusicTapp, from the founders of and it’s sister sites, is a new platform for artists to reach a worldwide audience on their phones with mobile apps.

iPhone and Android applications are no longer the sole providence of major entertainers, large retailers, and international companies. Now, independent bands and musicians can create an app that will share prime mobile real estate on smartphone home screens with apps from the likes of Google, Yelp, Pandora and other internationally recognized companies. “MuiscTapp specializes in app development for independent artists,” explained co-founder Vincent E. Norment. “But we also work with actors, athletes, models, comedians, nightclub owners, and others in the entertainment business. All of these people need to tap into the power of mobile applications.”

The numbers back up Norment’s claims. As of December 2010, 31 percent of mobile phone users owned smartphones — a group that is expected to comprise the majority of mobile phone users by 2011, according to a Nielsen report. Furthermore, Nielsen predicts that smart phones sales will reach $2.5 billion by 2015, and that mobile smartphones are the fastest growing and most direct way to expose millions of people to a new song, club, or entertainment personality.

With a customized MusicTapp app, musicians have a new platform for promoting their music. Got a new song? Add the song or clip and MusicTapp will update the application with the new tune. Fans don’t have to wait to buy them on iTunes, hear them on the radio, download them online, or play them on YouTube – they can listen instantly and for as long as they want. Having a MusicTapp app means fans don’t have to be anywhere near a computer to hear, see or know about the latest and greatest from their favorite entertainers.

The service allows entertainers to provide fans with interactive applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod platforms that allow them to access music, videos, photos, social media, bios and tour schedules. MusicTapp’s professional app designers will build an app and submit it for approval. “One thing that sets MusicTapp apart from the competition is the promotional aspect,” said co-founder Antonio Wells, who explained that other companies don’t include any marketing services in their pricing. After editing and revision, MusicTapp will launch the app in various marketplaces, including Google Android Market and Apple iTunes App Store, and post an app profile page on Apps built by MusicTapp will be offered for free to consumers as MusicTapp is a platform to help artists promote their music. “We’re reaching a huge market by offering MusicTapp at no charge to the end user – the consumer. Because of their new and large presence in the mobile music audience, the monies generated from consumers for the budding artist should far exceed the initial cost of the application.”

Artists or bands will pay a one-time set-up fee:

  • Android: $399.99/setup
  • iPhone: $399.99/setup
  • Android & iPhone: $679.98/setup

…and a monthly content hosting:

  • Monthly: $19.99
  • First 6 months: $79.96 (Save $39.98)
  • First 12 months: $139.93 (Save $99.95)

If you or know someone interesting in easily building their own mobile application for iPhone or Android, we suggest they get started with MusicTapp!

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