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Google I/O 2011 – Day Two Wrap-up

Where Day One of the Google I/O 2011 conference focused mainly on Android, Day Two was all about Chrome.

Both the OS and the browser made equal news today, with a variety of announcements. On the browser side, Chrome has jumped to 160 million users over the last 12 month, from 70 million at this time last year. That’s due in large part to Google making strides in usability, stability and performance to the browser. And with the keynote today, the Chrome Web Store is now available in 41 languages in countries worldwide. One of the big complaints in the Chrome store was the clunky way in-app payments were handled. Google has now streamlined that process, and with a single line of code, developers can take advantage of the new process. One of the first to take advantage of the new back-end streamlining is Rovio, which is bringing it’s popular Angry Birds app to the browser for the first time.

On the Chrome OS side of things, Google announced the Chromebook, streamlined netbooks running the Chrome OS, with, according to the company, instant start-up times and always-on connections. The first units to market will be from Samsung, and will be available starting June 15 in several countries. To make the Chromebook model more attractive, there will be a subscription service starting at $28 per user per month for both enterprise and education applications.

Aside from Chrome, Google released the Tasks API today, so developers can create applications that will tie directly into the Google Tasks system. And the company released rosjava, a pure Java port of ROS, in partnership with Willow Garage, enabling the development of advanced Android apps for robotics.

So there you have the major announcements from Google at this year’s developers conference. It was a lot of announcements in a very short period of time, so it will be interesting to see over the next few weeks and months what the results from all of these new APIs and functionality will turn out to be.


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