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Best Mobile Apps for Teens

Our youths have smartphones and love to download apps and customize their phones, we would like to point out some cool mobile apps for Android and iPhone that can make you lives easier. So without further ado…

Android Apps for Teens

Shazam is one of the coolest apps that listens to music and can tell you not only what song is playing but other information about the artist like tour dates, YouTube video links, MySpace page, bio and more.

Love music but don’t want to sync your music library, Pandora Radio offers free streaming music, playing songs and artists similar to your own taste in music.

Since most teens love ringtones, Ringdroid allows them to edit and create free ringtones from MP3′s they already have on their on their Android phone. So no more running up the cell bill angering parents when they can do it free on the phone!

Also customize the phone’s background with free wallpapers from Flikie Wallpapers HD app.

OTTER helps teens that drive curb the habit of texting and driving as it sends an auto-responder to the person to text you notifying them you received their text but you’re driving and will respond after. Many students use the auto-responder feature when the need concentration “blackout” periods to study.

WaveSecure Mobile Security is great for protecting their smartphone investment as it allows you to find a lost or stolen phone by tracking it by GPS online, plus backup text, call log and contacts.

iPhone Apps for Teens

Just like Android, Shazam debuted on iPhone and feature set works there too!

Pandora is great on every smartphone platform as well as their website!

Catch the Rock Band craze now for the phone or form a live band with friends over a Bluetooth-enabled wireless connection.

iStudiez is a sophisticated student planner that lists all of a student’s classes. After dialing in the classes, plug in the number of assignments and tests, and it will automatically list your daily and weekly schedule, all for educational organization and success.

iHound lets you track and locate your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch anytime all the time!

Check out screenshots of mentioned mobile apps

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5 Responses to “Best Mobile Apps for Teens”

  1. clay daniel says:

    I love the Pandora app, but i am wondering if there is a way to text without havinng to close the app, or a way to

    • Unfortunately Clay that is a limitation of iPhones. They do not offer true “multi-tasking” support so you can text and listen to Pandora at the same time. Hopefully this can be addressed in iPhone 5!

  2. clay daniel says:

    keep pandora from closing when you type a message. (iPhone 3G)

  3. MrKovo says:

    PairShare is a great new iTunes app that lets you share music between your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


    PairShare, the first vicinity based social networking application ever released by iTunes that allows live music sharing between two iOS Devices.

    PairShare allows users to select music on their iOS device and stream it live with a nearby friend’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Bluetooth.

    How it works
    Create a music “Sharelist” and stream it to a friends iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch. Search for nearby users and request to hear their music or have them listen to yours. View the album art of the music being played. With a swipe of your finger, switch back and forth between listening to your music or theirs. Bluetooth allows for up to 300’ of distance between the devices that are conducting a wireless share session.

    Whether it be hiking, biking, at the gym or at the library, PairShare is a great way to enjoy listening to the same music with a friend.

    – Share your music or listen to your friend’s music wirelessly
    – Connect over Bluetooth
    – Select a music ShareList for you and your friend to hear
    – Auto-play once connected
    – View friend’s album art, song title, album and artist
    – Auto-scan to connect with nearby friends
    – Coming soon: chat, intercom, share shuffle and more.


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